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image[1]Drude Dahlerup, professor of political science at Stockholm University.

* June 2014 report: “Women’s Under-representation in Politics in the New Democrcy of Bhutan – the need for new strategies.

Drude Dahlerup – Bhutan Report – June 2014 – Final

  • April 2014. Missions to Bhutan and Egypt.  See International consultancies.
  • The Research Collaboration Project, “New Avenues for Political Influence for Women in the Arab region” organized a research conference on “Regime Change and Women in Political Decision-Making”, Dec 7-8, 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia. conference report dec 2013_final

New book: Breaking Male Dominance in Old Democracies

Breaking Male Dominance coverEdited by Drude Dahlerup, Stockholm University, and Monique Leyenaar, Radboud University Nijmegen

  • Unique, in-depth, longitudinal comparative approach
  • New conceptualizations and new concepts such as the scope and degree of male dominance, conditional irreversibility and gender balance as a norm
  • Contributions from many key scholars in the field

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Available from Oxford University Press.

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Chapter in new anthology: Disruption, Continuity and Waves in the Feminist Movements

The actual rise and fall of feminist mobilisation is usually described in terms of ‘waves’: the first wave of feminism, the second wave, and maybe a third wave. However, the theoretical foundation of this continuity thesis needs to be clarified. Organisational as well as ideological continuity is at stake here.

“The Feminist movement is like the sea: it comes in waves and cannot be stopped”.

Chapter in Sara Maddison and Marian Sawer (eds.): The Women’s Movement in Protest, Institutions and the Internet (Routledge 2013).